Nappy Rash & Sunburn

Hi, I received this sample (1bottle) Of Babyions 100ml few weeks ago, this product is awesome. My baby is just turning 3 months old. He’s at the stage where he loves to put his hands in mouth and this spray help me to prevent my boy from getting germs and bacterial infection… I and my kids also will apply this before carry him. I love that this is safe because it’s fragrance free and very effective and yes I’m using this for nappy rash and sunburn. All in 1 really easy spray application and it’s also dries super quick!!! I really like that this product comes in a small spray bottle and the bottle also capped well for travel purposes to protect from leak. I definitely will recommend this product to all mommies who I know!!!☺ Tq Miss Susan and Miss Gayu😍😘

-Anjanayasree Tisyamithra Divyarth-

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