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Sensitive Eyes

Came back from oversea suddenly feel uncomfortable on my eyes. I felt the swollen on my left eye. I quickly sprayed Babyions on my eyes area. I continue to spray throughout the night, the next morning the swollen subsided and I felt so much better. Really thanks to Health Tech amazing product. Strongly recommended. -Susan-

Diabetic Wound

I’m a diabetic patient. I Injured my leg. Went to clinic for wound dressing everyday don’t see any improvement. It cost me Rm30 per session, Dr advise me to go for wound dressing continuously for 10days which I find it is too costly for me. Went to Pharmacy, they introduce me Bodyspray. After using Bodyspray […]


I had a fall on the street. Thank God my daughter has Bodyspray with her and sprayed directly on the wound, it help to stop the bleeding. The wound was very deep, I continued to spray on the wound everyday it help to dry up very fast and there is no infection. My wound recovered […]


I had rashes on my ankle for many months already. Tried to applied creams but doesn’t help. After trying Bodyspray for 1 day only, my rashes get better. -Lily-

Chicken Pox

My daughter who is 2 years old was diagnosed with chicken pox. She had mild fever and rashes on the whole body. She took Ionic Silver for her fever and used Babyions for the rashes on her body,  the fever went off on that day itelf and Babyions help to stop the itchiness and the […]

Mosquitos Bite

Always have bump after mosquitos bite. Tried spraying Babyions on the affected area, it relief the itch and the bump go away. -Jun-


My girl always has sensitive eyes, she likes to rub on her eyes and causes the eyes even more sensitive until it swollen and red. I was recommended to use Babyions to spray directly on her eyes, surprisingly it stop the itchiness in few minutes. I sprayed at least 6 times within an hour the […]

Food Poisoning

I was suffering from food poisoning right before Chinese New Year. I had bad diarrhea & vomiting 🤮caused by eating contaminated food. I had no energy at all. After taken IONIC SILVER for 2 times I feel so much better. I was fully recovered the next day without taking any medicine. This is a great product! […]

Flu & Cough

小孩伤风咳嗽连续服用所根据的分量,还真的好转了❤️产品很不错,所以就开始回购了😁 -Caris Sit-

Fungal Infection

My 4years daughter had fungal infection around her mouth area. It started with what looks like a tiny pimple and later developed into more and bigger bumps. Thank god I came across Babyions and sprayed several times a day. The infection started to subside the next day. I continued to spray and within 5 days […]


My daughter who is 6 months old was suffering from eczema. After spraying Babyions for 2 days it help to stop the itchiness and the rashes has subsided. Amazing Product. -Puan Faridah-

Urine Tract Infection

Super recommended. Easy to take and works wonderfully well for me. Have experienced several UTIs and try a few options, their silver ions work great. I haven’t experience UTI as much now. -Zakiah Adullah–

Toothache & Gum Inflammation

This product is really awesome… 👍👍👍 after drinking my toothache gone , it is so good that I forgot that I’ve been suffering for days, my family is wondering why I can eat rojak! Thank you for the good products ❤️😘🙏😘❤️ -Amanda Lee-

Immune system Booster

I used to get sick every month on average which was frustrating but ever since I took Hydrocell  I haven’t caught a flu/cold since. touch wood. highly recommended! -Dexter Au Tugiono-


Good product after use it for 2 days. my daughter gets HFMD, a lot of ulcer inside the 👄. Monday I ordered then got it on Tuesday, then I faster apply for her since she can’t eat thing. After 2 days spraying, today she can eat already…Babyions… Thanks a lot… 😊 -Cheelyca Goh-

Urine Tract Infection

Ionic silver and Babyions had cure my baby Urine tract infection. My 3 months’ baby only consume 3 days’ Ionic silver with 5ml 3 times. After went to hospital for urine chcek, the report shown no more bacterial infection. when I feel sick or flu, and take 30ml ionic silver and the next day flu […]

Mouth Ulcers

Amazing product, curing my ulcer in just a day and a half and most importantly it is a drug-free product. Love it! -Wong Bing Tatt-

Sore Throat

Very effective alternative to antibiotics! tried it for my sore throat, immediate recovery next day! -Lawrence Yew- 


Helper, 44 in Selangor. Itchy and flaking skin on hands. Employer was kind enough to buy Ionic Silver to drink & Hydrocell to spray/dab on her hands at night.27 April, after 3 weeks, her hands have healed well and no more itch. Really helps in wound healing. -Jih Sheng-  

Bad Flu

I came back from Philippines after home leave in January 2020 with a bad flu and I totally lost my voice. My employer asked me to drink Ionic Silver, 30ml put into a glass of water 3 times a day. After just 2 days I’m okay already. So fast I get well and I’m happy […]

Cut Wound

9th of this month, and in the company got 1 inches long new bought back tailor scissors to my beautiful legs Go down, only know can see white! How Deep! Since I was afraid of stitches, I didn’t dare to see a doctor, and then there was a bottle of Yellow potion, still couldn’t cure […]

HFMD & Ulcers

Surprised by the result after just 1-day use on my son ulcer on hand, feet and mouth. After his afternoon nap, he tells me: mommy, mouth no more pain. -Jen Lu-


I take Ionic Silver daily for the past 1 month. I noticed that it helps in bowel movement n felt like my body is detoxing. Feels great! -Gaik Lee-

Running Nose & Sore Throat

This is a great solution to replace antibiotics. My son had running nose n sore throat. I gave him Hydrocell 3x a day for 2 days.by the third day he recovered fully. -Audrey Yoke Lin-

Gum Infection

I’ll recommend Health Tech Innovative Ionic Silver to every household. Last month, I was travelling a lot, due to lack of sleep; I had my gum infection and also hyper sensitivity around my tooth underneath my bridge. I seek help from my dentist and after taking an x-ray, he suggested I took some antibiotics. I […]

Open Wound

This was a life saver indeed, there was once I went hiking in the middle of the forest and I discovered I had an open wound on my feet and due to the terrain and depth of hike I was unable to back track but to complete the course. Luckily a friend had this little […]

Nappy Rash & Sunburn

Hi, I received this sample (1bottle) Of Babyions 100ml few weeks ago, this product is awesome. My baby is just turning 3 months old. He’s at the stage where he loves to put his hands in mouth and this spray help me to prevent my boy from getting germs and bacterial infection… I and my […]