Cut Wound

9th of this month, and in the company got 1 inches long new bought back tailor scissors to my beautiful legs Go down, only know can see white! How Deep! Since I was afraid of stitches, I didn’t dare to see a doctor, and then there was a bottle of Yellow potion, still couldn’t cure blood, and I was afraid of it. Another person, when I heart Huong, Mr. Alex came to the company to order! Saw my situation! Went to his car and took a bottle of water for me, and I was afraid of stitches when I met the fairy! The Yellow potion is not effective, and the friends know that I have to go to the tetanus needle! I didn’t go! I told him to be fairy water, but I was very hardworking and sprayed a lot of times. The wound is not inflammation too! Now 2 weeks. Start dry too. This is really fairy water, a lot of use, everyone can get on his company’s web page for other uses, here I am here to say thank you to Mr. Alex! Thankful that at the time I was panicked and helpless and appeared in front of my eyes. 👍 Products don’t have experience in person, don’t know, I’m about 3 at noon this month on the

-Angie Ng-

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