Z-Mist ( 30 ml )


Z Mist Eye Spray, Freshen up vision with improved eye health

Z Mist Eye Spray’s Pure Silver Ions formulation gently cleanses eye discharge, helps reduce germs and accelerate healing.

Instant relief of eye irritations, itching, and redness. Refreshes tired and dry eyes.

Portable, press-spray fine mist design to maintain eye hygiene on-the-go.

Cleanse, Care, Refresh

Health Tech Innovative® Z Mist Eye Spray combines the curative powers of pure silver ions with moisturizing properties of aqua to keep eyes clean, healthy and radiant. Sterile, the purest formula to calm, soothe, and moisturize the eye prone to infections and helping restore the eye’s natural ability to naturally cleanse itself. Suitable for maintaining personal hygiene as well as aiding in recovery from infections.

High surface area coverage

It is specially formulated to disburse fine mist rather than “jet” when applied for even coverage and quick absorption. .
Safe and effective ingredients with enhanced comfort. Z Mist has a pH of about 7.0, which is suited to the natural pH of natural human tears.

Natural antiviral

Pure Silver Ions with natural antibacterial and antifungal properties to effectively clean eyes and reduce irritation and infection, and accelerate healing altogether. The fine mist consistency creates a thin film formulated with specific ingredients to deactivate and remove bacteria and fungi causing an infection. It can be used as a preventative.

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