Z-Care ( 500 ml )


A cup of Z Care a day keeps virus at Bay

Z Care Immunity Booster contains Pure Silver Ions, 100% natural and drug-free Ingredient designed to help slow or prevent bacterial and viral infections.

Scientifically tested and proven to inhibit >99.9% viruses, including SARS/Cov-2 and its variant.

Convenient, ready-to drink for active individuals on the go.

Prevent, Protect, Strengthen

Health Tech Innovative® ZCare Immunity Booster Drink was developed for those who need a natural shield to prevent contraction of viruses. Pure Silver Ions properties work as a natural water sanitizer that deactivates and destroys viral particles and helps the body naturally eliminate viral particles. Laboratory tests have shown that Z Care. a unique formula can help prevent contraction of SARS-Cov-2

1) Natural Proctection with Pure Silver Ion

Enriched with 18ppm of Pure Silver Ions, a water-soluble and high bioactive ingredient. Antimicrobial properties that disable the enzyme system of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and other harmful parasites. Prevent bacterial growth and help accelerate the body’s recovery.

2) Strengthens immunity to prevent inflection, enhance general health and wellness

Loaded with Pure Silver Ions that enhance the immune system’s ability to fight illness, detox, reduce fatigue and boost overall vitality. Gut friendly.

3) Tasteless, and clear like spring water

Formulated with  distilled water to keep the body properly hydrated for optimum function and speedy recovery. Z Care drink is a fast and great way to rehydrate, refresh, and re-energize.

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