Reusable & Washable ZINC ION Ice Mask with Adjustable Buckle


Ecolife Zinc Ion Introduction Ice Mask is made with chemical fibre material. It keeps you comfortable and protect you at the same time.

Our face mask is designed with 3 layers, the outer, middle and inner layer. And it comes together with buckle on both ear-loop string for you to flexibly adjust according to your own size.

Product Features :-
– Import from China
– Available Colors : BLACK / BLUE / PINK
– Ship out within 24 Hours (No Shipping on Weekend & Public Holiday)
– Cool Design
– SGS Certificate
– Unique zinc ion technology
– Anti-Dust
– Anti-Bacteria
– Anti-Allergy
– Odorless
– Quick-Dry
– Breathable
– Lightweight
– Comfortable and Good Protection
– Reusable & Washable
– 3 Layers Mask :- Outer , Middle (Filled with Non-woven Hydrophobic Fabric, used for producing PPE), Inner Layer

How to Wash, Rinse & Dry Reusable Face Mask?
1. Soak the face mask in laundry detergent with warm water for 15 minutes. Wash your mask with soapy water for at least one minute with water as warm as your hand can take.

2. Rinse thoroughly with cool or room temperature water.

3. Hang the face mask under the sun and allow to completely dry. *Not recommended to dry using Dryer*

**Please WASH IT before using**

*** Please take note that we do not accept refund for face masks as hygiene purposes***


Product Package :-

1. Adult & Children size – Three pieces of 3 Layers Reusable & Washable Zinc Ion Introduction Ice Mask

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